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Utility Bill Payment App : TouchIndia is a best Online Electricity, Gas, Water and Broadband bill payments app

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Why Do You Need Online Recharge/ Utility Bill Payment Option?

World is becoming a better place to live, and things are getting updated with a high speed, so when the whole world can be on your fingertips, why roam around to complete the work. The main and the basic part of our life is the bill payments, let it include any sort of payments. So when you have a chance to make payments online, then why struggle standing in long queue and waste time. Time is very precious, and it’s not meant to be wasted so the better and the best option would be online bill payments. Online bill payment is one of the best aspects as it saves time, and it’s very efficient.


The utility bill payments include online water bill payments, online electricity bill payments, online gas bill payments, and others. The best part of the online bill payments is that they can be arranged according to the state electricity board. Isn’t it interesting when you can actually pay the bills online and even choose the convenient source and payment methods? Online bill payments include mobile recharges as well, the different network portals are used to the mobile recharges like airtel recharge, and other networks as well. has started with a segment of online bill payments when everything is under one roof why search here and there for the work to be done.


Online bill payments can be done in and win great deals and amazing cash backs. The bill payments include postpaid and prepaid mobile online payments as well. Weekends are meant to rest and not to stand in a long queue to pay bills, and these are just so annoying; instead, we can switch to online bill payments and let the rest do by itself. People can enjoy their free time on something beneficial and not standing in the queue, although the best part of online payments is that they can be done anywhere and using any mode of payments.


Pay Electricity Bill Payment Online at TouchIndia:-


Electricity has become one of the basic necessity in our lives, not just our homes, and it extends its service to large scale industries also. Nowadays we are using electricity for all-purpose, electricity having such importance in our lives. It is also important to pay the electricity bill on time to enjoy uninterrupted power supply. Now no need to wait in long queues outside the bill payment centers and you don’t have to spend time especially to pay electricity bill from your tight schedule. All you need to do is make use of TouchIndia electricity services. Yes, TouchIndia is an ultimate option to pay your electricity bill pay with great discounts and offers.


You can pay an electricity bill from your mobile at anywhere. Generally, people bother about the last date of electricity bill payment that may cause extra payment of late charges. TouchIndia offers a convenient platform to pay electricity bill payment on time, avoid that additional late fee by just paying your electricity bill online in seconds from TouchIndia.


Get Electricity Bill Payment Offers at TouchIndia mobile app: provides a fast and safe payment service, and also we provide you with great cashback, and discount offers on your electricity bill payment. Use the coupon codes “DISCOUNT20”, “DISCOUNT10”, “400BACK”, “100BACK” on your electricity bill payment on TouchInidia and get ₹20 & ₹10 flat discount and ₹100 & ₹400 cashback on your electricity bill payment.


Easy Payment Method:

TouchIndia provides you an easy payment method for your electricity bill payments. You can pay your electricity bill online through TouchIndia by using a debit card, credit card, Paytm cash, TouchIndia free wallet cash, UPI PayPal, etc.


Pay your Gas Bill quickly at TouchIndia:-


Nowadays people are too busy with their works, they don’t have time to line-up at stores for gas bill payments. From now, no need to wait in those ques, you can pay Gas Bill Online through TouchIndia. And also avoid extra fees because of late payment of gas bills, make online payment of gas bills from TouchIndia mobile app and enjoy the benefit from anywhere & anytime.


We are supporting for the all trend of gas pipelines and bills generated at the end of the month. You can make Mahanagar Gas or GSPC gas bill online payment by simply visiting the TouchIndia mobile application and preceding the payment from the wallet.


Pay your Water Bills quickly:-


In India, we are supporting for all water board bills. Therefore, you can pay water bills online with TouchIndia mobile app by simply using your debit card, credit card, or net banking facility.


Online Broadband bill payment made easier with TouchIndia:-

Pay your broadband bill payments quickly with TouchIndia. is a trusted mobile app by over 2lakhs users, and this makes TouchIndia is your one-stop shop for online recharge, utility bill payments, and online shopping.


Paying bills every month is quite tricky, especially when you are running with your busy schedule. Then what is your solution to this problem? Online bill payments came as a big relief to your question, and broadband bill payment is not an exception.


TouchIndia greatly reduces your troubles in such extreme situations. We are offering broadband bill payment for all service providers like ACT Fibernet, Hathway, Airtel, BSNL, and many others.


Why is it better to pay broadband bills with TouchIndia?


Not only about saving your time, but security is also essential. TouchIndia is more secure than paying through other platforms; your personal information is extremely safe with us.


You get an option to save your card details. This means it’s not required to re-enter your card details every. Most of the users go for this option because they trust TouchIndia. Besides, you will get a lot of discount and cashback offers in TouchIndia mobile app.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which bill payments app gives the best cashback and discount offers?


TouchIndia mobile app provides a lot of discount and cashback offers to you on every electricity bill payment, water bill payment, gas bill payment, and broadband bill payment.


What are the present offers & discounts for utility bill payment?


TouchIndia always provides 100% cashback by using “400BACK” and “100BACK” coupon codes, and also get Rs.20 flat discount by using “DISCOUNT20” coupon code. Login or Sign up to TouchIndia mobile app/ website to see all coupon code of TouchIndia.


How to get cashback on TouchIndia?


In TouchIndia you will get some percentage of cashback on every bill payment. And also TouchIndia provides daily cashback offers to all users. You can check those offers and coupon codes in offers and coupons page at mobile app or website, and apply them while you are doing the transactions.


After a successful transaction, you will receive that cashback amount into your wallet. You can utilize that amount for your next bill payments or mobile / DTH recharges or for online shopping.


How to pay utility bill payments online by using TouchIndia mobile app:-


Wherever you are, pay your electricity bill online through TouchIndia by following easy steps.


Step 1: Login/ Register into TouchIndia Mobile App
Step 2: Click on electricity bill icon at home page
Step 3: Select your service provider
Step 4: Enter the service number and amount
Step 5: Click on the “Proceed” button
Step 6: Apply coupon code
Step 7: To be on the safer side, go through the details that you had entered
Step 8: Accept the terms and conditions
Step 9: Select Payment method and click on proceed to pay
Step 10: Enter the card details and proceed with the transaction.

Hurray! You have completed your payment and received the cashback! 

How to create a complaint about failed bill payments in TouchIndia?


TouchIndia have a provision to create a complaint in the case of your bill payment got failed. Click on the Menu tab at TouchIndia mobile app home page. Go to “Contact Us” screen, click on “Create Complaint,” select your failed transaction, and send your query to us. We will resolve your issue within 48 hours.


How can I use TouchIndia cashback?


TouchIndia cashback money comes to your TouchIndia wallet directly. Therefore, you can utilize that cashback amount for future transactions, online payments, online shopping, and other recharges.