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Order related

What is touchindia?

Touchindia is developed by the most dedicated team to get the different ideology of E-commerce and entertainment. It’s a gamified app and the motive of is to make sure you shop with ease and even enjoy the extra curriculum.

How does touchindia work?

Basically, touchindia is an online payment platform which embeds the payment through free cash and it even includes the entertainment factors. To check on with more payments and entertainment feel free to check touchindia application.

How do I check the status of my order?

Once you login to your touchindia account, we have an option in the left hand side which indicates “My Orders”, click on that to know the status.

How do I cancel the order after the product has been shipped?

Once the product has been shipped from our end we have not avail the option to cancel the product. But it can be cancelled before the shipment.

Can I modify the shipping address after the order is placed?

Unfortunately we don’t have an option to change the address once the order has been placed.

How many days it will take to get take my order, after it’s placed?

Once the order is placed from the customers end, according to the address and the pin code the product will be delivered and it will be notified to the customers.

How do I apply a coupon for my orders?

Select the coupons which is applicable to your orders and then during the bill payment this coupons can be applied.

Non-order related

How do I report an issue?

If you have any queries please do contact us on 91-9606843629 or Email us at (office timings: Monday-Saturday 10AM to 6PM).

How will I make sure that my product has been placed?

Once you place your order in touchindia it will reflect in “My orders”.

How can I refer this app to my friend?

You can easily send the referral messages through Whatsapp, or any other messaging application.


Whether touchindia delivers this particular product to my pincode?

If the process while we select the products the message will automatically pop us and mention if that product will be delivered to your registered address.

Will touchindia deliver the groceries outside Bangalore?

Currently we have not started delivery of groceries outside Bangalore.

Returns and Refunds

Return policies

The product has to be returned within 5 days of purchase, once the return window is expired then it will not be eligible for returning of the product.

When will the refund be initiated?

Once we receive the product we initiate the refund immediately but it takes about 5-7 business days to reflect in your bank account or the original payment mode. Either it will be credited to
a) Touchindia Wallet.
b) The amount will be transferred via NEFT if it is paid via COD.
c) The amount will be refunded to the same account which customer used while the time of payment through our Payment gateways.

Do I need bank account to receive the refund?

If in case the payment is made through any credit, debit card then the amount will be automatically refunded to the bank account.

What do I do if I receive a defective order?

If in case the customer receives a defective product, then we will immediately initiate a replacement for that particular product.

Know more about touchindia

Is it necessary to have an account to shop in touchindia?

Yes, it will be helpful if you shop from a registered account, so as in it’ll make touchindia to help you grab some amazing offers, exclusively for you.

How can I get in touch with TouchIndia customer care?

You can write us at TiNet Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, 2nd Floor, 91/6, Horamav, R.M Nagar, BANGALORE,Karnataka,India,560043, or contact us on 91-9606843629.

What is TouchIndia wallet?

It is basically one of the e-wallet which has a track of transactions being done in touchidia and it even consists of the cashbacks earned by the customers and then it can be used for any further transactions.

Why do I have to verify my Mail ID?

Mail ID is one of the thin line between the customer and the user, if any of the offers are to be notified we send it to the customer through mail.

How often does this site gets updated?

Since the day one, the site is being updated everyday, we even cover all special events as well.

What are the services that you provide?

We are basically a gamified e-commerce, with all sorts of entertainment as well as shopping, which even includes the utility bill payments.

What will I do if I’m not able to login to touchindia?

Try to enter the registered number or email ID, and password, if there’s a problem with the password then try to reset the password by clicking on forget password. If in case even that’s not working then kindly contact the customer care executive and we’ll help you to reset them by sending the password reset link.

How can I trust this site?

Touchindia is a large platform which is basically a gamified app, this has number of options to engage oneself in all sorts of entertainment field as well as for the transactions to be made. This is one of the most trusted app which is being used by people all over India.

Can I purchase without fear or my pay bill.

Definitely yes, this is one of the most trusted application and it can used without any fear of transactions being failed.


What can I do if the balance in my wallet is not sufficient to pay for my orders?

If in case you’re balance is too low to make the payment from the wallet, we have an option from where we can make a partial payment from the wallet and rest by any of the online transaction.

How can I earn cash by playing Quiz?

Entertainment is the basic, we have come up with the idea of playing quiz and earning some cash. If you answer all correct answers you will be awarded with Rs100 in your wallet. With every correct answer there are some points and cash to be earned.

How can I earn cash by running?

Touchindia has come up with an initiative to make India fit with this great feature on the app, if you turn on the run and earn option then according to the distance you have covered you will be credited with some amount of cash.

How can I convert Ti points to cash?

Ti points gets credited to your account whenever proceed with any transactions, or whenever you play or utilize the entertainment sector, once this points reaches to 1000 then it is converted to cash and its credited to the wallet.

How do I transfer Ti cash to my bank?

The money that has been credited to your wallet cannot be transferred to the bank account, instead they can be converted to the Paytam wallet, not the complete amount but a few part of it.

I have Ti points in my wallet, How can I redeem them?

Once the Ti points have reached 1000, then it can be converted to Ti cash.

Can I make payments through online?

Yes, the payments can be done online as well, which can include net banking, wallets.

How will I know if my bill is paid?

Once the utility or the recharge is completed we will notify the users with a message stating that the payment is completed, if in case there’s any issue in payment process kindly feel free to get in contact with touchindia executives.

I’m not able to apply the particular promo code.

During the final payment just check out if the product you have ordered is applicable for that particular offer, if yes and your still not able to apply the promo code, kindly contact touchindia executive.

Amount has been deducted from the bank account but recharge has been failed.

Once the amount has been deducted from the bank, we kindly request you to wait up for some time, there are chances that the server might be low and the process is taking quite time, if it’s taking quite a lot of time then we request you to contact the touchindia customer executive.

The status of the payment shows it’s pending, within how many days the recharge will be successful.

In worst case it would take about an hour.

The transaction shows it’s completed, but I have still not received the recharge.

Once the amount has been deducted from the bank, we kindly request you to wait up for some time, there are chances that the server might be low and the process is taking quite time, if it’s taking quite a lot of time then we request you to contact the touchindia customer executive.

What we do with Ticash?(touchindia)

With the help of Ticash, user will now be able to purchase products with discount rates, as the user can now pay a part of money through Ticash.

How can I redeem Ticash money?

The money from the Ticash cannot be transferred back to the bank account, instead the amount will be stored in the Ti wallet and then this can be used for any transaction to be made from touchndia.

At what percentage we can redeem this money?(per each trasaction/at a time)

Once the amount in Tipoints reaches 1000 then this can be transferred to Ticash, these Tipoints are received by playing the quiz or engaging yourself in any of the entertaining aspect or transactions.

How will Ti points be generate?

Once the user starts completion of any transaction or starts playing quiz or takes up the walk and earns advantage, then the Ti points start to add up to the users account.

Kindly tell me how can redeem my cash backs?

Once the payment is completed under the prescribed offers, then the amount or the cash back is automatically credited to Tiwallet. If in case this amount is not credited then kindly contact touchindia customer care.

How can I load the balance to the account?

We are still in the urge of building the app at the most convenient level, and we are still working with that feature to go avail.

Can the complete cash back be used from the last transaction while making the next payment?

No, only a part of the cash back received from the last transaction can be used for the next payment.

How to get transaction details?

There’s an option called “History” in the payment page, so once you slick on that page it can direct you to the complete transaction details.

Cashback related queries

How to get cashback in TouchIndia?

Once you place an order with the valid coupon code, then after the payment is complete the cashback mentioned according to the offers will be sent to the wallet and it can be redeemed in the next purchase.

How can I utilize my cashback amount?

Once you receive the cashback amount in your wallet, it can be then used for the payment of the next purchase you make.

I have not received the cashback after a successful recharge

Kindly check out if you are applicable for that particular offer, if yes and yet you have not received the cashback, then kindly contact touchindia executive.

400BACK means?

The coupon used for the utility bill payment, using this coupon one can avail cash back up to 400INR.

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For any other questions, please write us at or call us on +91-9606843629