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How does TouchIndia works


Hello, we are a one-stop solution for all your needs. We at TouchIndia have come up with various offers for all different features that we provide at TouchIndia. Below are some of the list of features which could help you understand us better:

Online shopping:

Shopping online has made life easier, now you don’t have to go out of a shop to shop in this hot weather. TouchIndia is the best online shopping site for clothes in India. We have exclusive products, especially for, can do online shopping for women with the latest designs of sarees, Kurtis, Lehenga Choli, for Men we have an awesome collection of Men’s Accessories, shirts, sweaters, suits, and blazers. And how can we forget about the kids?:D At TouchIndia you can find a discount on kid’s clothes too. For them, you can find cute-cute winter clothes, frocks, T-shirts, etc.


Below is the step by step procedure to follow while doing shopping online:


  1. Install the TouchIndia App
  2. Add the favourite items to the cart.
  3. In the cart page, before proceeding use coupon code to get cashback.
  4. To get the coupon codes go through this link
  5. Read the benefits of the coupon, And enjoy the Ticash from wallet.
  6. Accept terms & conditions and proceed.
  7. Fill your Billing Details. Click on the checkBox if you want the products to be delivered to different address.
  8. Select the payment method.
  9. Accept terms and conditions, click on the “CONTINUE TO PAYMENT” button and place the order.
  10. After successful transaction you will get Ticash for further recharge and online shopping


Mobile/DTH Recharge:

Recharge pack expired? you don’t have time to go to the shop and recharge it. Just chill!! we are here for you. At TouchIndia you can recharge online with the latest discounts and offers. And guess what? You can even save money with awesome Cashbacks. You can do online DTH recharge and mobile recharge just by downloading our TouchIndia App and following the steps given below.

  1. Install theTouchIndia App
  2. From the HomePage Menu click on Mobile/DTH icon.
  3. Now Select your Recharge Type: PREPAID,POSTPAID or DTH.
  4. Then For prepaid and post-paid recharge enter your mobile number and for DTH Recharge provide your Account Id.
  5. Now select your service provider.
  6. Browse your plans by state wise(for PREPAID&POSTPAID)
  7. Enter the applicable coupon.
  8. Agree on terms & conditions and click on the submit button.
  9. For safer side Check the provided details once and then click on “proceed and Get cashback” button.
  10. Select the payment method (credit/debit card/mobile wallet/Net Banking) and complete your transaction.
  11. After Successful Recharge. You will receive cashback on your TouchIndia wallet. You can further use this cashback on recharges, shopping at Touchindia.


Utility bill payment:

Now you don’t have to stand in long queues to do utility bill payments you just have to download our app for easy seamless payments. Now you can pay online for the electricity bill , Broadband, water bill and also for gas.


Follow the steps below after installing TouchIndia App

  1. From the home page click on the option wherein your interested to make the payment.
  2. It can either be an electricity/ Broadband/ Water/ Gas bill pay icon.
  3. Select your operator for broadband.
  4. Enter the service number and Amount.
  5. Click on the “Proceed” button.
  6. Apply coupon code.
  7. To be on the safer side just go through the details that you had entered.
  8. Accept the terms and conditions.
  9. Select the Payment method and click on proceed to pay.
  10. Enter the card details and proceed with the transaction.

Now that your transaction is complete you’ll get a confirmation message.


Short News:

We value your time. So we are giving the latest news headlines, international news, India news in just 60 words. News today has become one of the important factors for a day to day life. Here at TouchIndia, you can read Online news in a seamless way. All-flash news is just a few clicks away with TouchIndia. You can even earn free money for sharing news. All you have to do is share our news with your family and friends and for each share, you can earn 10TI cashpoints. Now come let’s see the step by step procedure to read news and to earn free money.


  1. Install theTouchIndia App
  2. From homepage menu Click on the News icon.
  3. Select Language in which you want to read the news.
  4. Swipe up to read Next articles.
  5. You can change your Language anytime by clicking on the Icon provided on the top right corner.
  6. To share the news articles, click on the share icon
  7. You will earn some Ticash Points for each news link clicks by your friends when you share.
  8. You can also share our app/news article in the social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike etc.


Grocery Shopping:

Sunday’s are meant to take rest. So We will take care of your grocery while you spend quality time with your family. At TouchIndia we are providing grocery at wholesale prices. All you have to do is from the grocery list select all the products you want to purchase. And order us. Only Bangalore Users can purchase groceries from TouchIndia. Below are the steps to follow to purchase from grocery products list

Steps to purchase

1000BACK – Get flat Rs. 1000 in your TI cash wallet

Terms and Conditions:

  • At the time of purchasing online grocery, apply this coupon
  • This coupon validity only one time for each user.
  • minimum purchase RS 1000, you will get RS1000 after successful delivery.
  • Only for Bangalore users.
  • Cash back amount can be used for paying the further purchases as follows.

How to use:


  1. Register (login), Add groceries to our cart .
  2. Minimum amount RS1000.
  3. Apply the coupon, read terms and conditions .
  4. Accept Terms &Conditions, click on ‘submit ‘button.
  5. when your are using coupon you are not able to use Ticash wallet.
  6. Cash on delivery is not vailable,choose the payment method.
  7. After sucessful delivery, you will receive RS 1000 cash back to your Ti cash Wallet


  • Get Rs. 1000 cashback (Rs. 300 in PayPal wallet + Rs. 700 in Ti cashWallet) only for first-time payment through PayPal.
  • For non-grocery though Touchindia for first time PayPal user get 50% of cashback to PayPal account
  • (Note :upto RS 300 paypal cash back will come to paypal wallet)

  • The cashback will be credited to your account in 24 hours. You can then use this money for next month’s bill recharge or any online shopping services through TouchIndia platform.


1-rupee coupons – You can avail any one product at just Rs. 1 from our platform.

How to use:

  1. Register (or login) and Add groceries to our cart .
  2. .Minimum amount RS1000.
  3. Apply any one 1 Rupee coupon, read terms and conditions .
  4. In each transaction ,only 1 coupon can use.
  5. . Each coupon applicable 5 times for each user
  6. Accept Terms &Conditions, click on ‘submit ‘button
  7. By using this coupon, mentioned product will come at1 Rupee.
  8. when your are using coupon you are not able to use Ticash wallet.
  9. Cash on delivery is not vailable,choose the payment method.
  10. Note that this is only for Bangalore users


The coupon code Are:

  1. ToorDal – 1RUPEETOORDAL
  2. UradDal – 1RUPEEURADDAL
  3. Ghee – 1RUPEEGHEE
  4. Atta – 1RUPEEATTA
  5. Oil – 1RUPEEOIL
  6. Sugar – 1RUPEESUGAR
  7. Tooth Paste – 1RUPEETOOTHPASTE
  8. Face Wash – 1RUPEEFACEWASH


Play Quiz and Earn:

At TouchIndia you can play quiz and earn money, we have quizzes on topics like sports, movies and Technical/educational Quiz. play and win the free cash which you can further use it for recharge.

If you answer all questions correctly, you will receive 100INR Ticash otherwise if you answer only a few questions correctly, then for every correct answer, you will receive 10 TI cashpoints. you can even earn free money just by sharing our quiz feature with your family and friends. you will get wallet cash when your friends attempt this Quiz. So download our TouchIndia App soon!


Below are the steps to follow while Playing Quiz.

  1. Install theTouchIndia App
  2. Click on the quiz tab.
  3. Select sports or movies or technical quiz.
  4. Choose your favourite quiz and click on that.
  5. Read the article before you play the quiz to get some tips.
  6. Click on the play quiz at the end of the article.
  7. Start playing quiz.
  8. choose the correct answers.
  9. For every correct answer,you will get some Ti cash and Ti cashpoints.
  10. You can utilize that money for Recharge and Shop.
  11. Share quiz with your friends and family members.

Run/walk and Earn:


We want you to be Healthy. So we have come up with a feature where you can earn free money just by running or walking. Our TouchIndia app is the best walking app. It will measure the distance you have walked and you can earn money based on that

Below are the steps to follow while running or walking to earn money:


  1. Install theTouchIndia App
  2. Click on the Run & Earn tab.
  3. Enter your targeted time(Keep min 2mins).
  4. Start run/ walk/ jog.
  5. The app will calculate the distance, burning calories and no of steps automatically.
  6. Based on targeted time and no steps you will get money.
  7. Some amazing features we have in Run & Earn like creating a group, inviting your friends and chatting with your friends.
  8. Click on create a group and enter the group name, description and select the category.
  9. Invite your friends to join that group.
  10. Click on members’ details to check either your friend accepted your requested or not.
  11. Chat with your Group Members.
  12. And get regular updates of your friends Run, walk and Jog details.

Movie Reviews and Trailers:

Now you can also check the latest movie reviews and ratings at TouchIndia. you can check current movie ratings of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Sandalwood and Kollywood Movies. You can even check the latest trailers of all the movies. And after reading the reviews you can earn money just by answering the questions based on that particular movie review.


Below are the steps to follow to check film reviews and rating atTouchIndia App:


  1. click on movie Reviews Icon from Homepage.
  2. Here you can check the latest movie review industry-wise(ratings of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Sandalwood or Kollywood).
  3. you can also search by movie name and read it.
  4. there is a separate tab to Trending articles. you can click on it and check it.
  5. after reading the movie review. you can even play a quiz on that particular movie and earn money.


Below are the steps to follow to check film reviews and rating at TouchIndia Website:


  1. click on movie Reviews Icon from Homepage.
  2. Click on Movie Reviews Tab.
  3. Here you can check the latest movie review industry-wise (ratings of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Sandalwood or Kollywood).
  4. and you can read movie reviews and Ratings. you can even watch all movies Trailers by clicking on the play button.
  5. click on articles tab, from here you can read about all Trending articles.


Share greetings and Earn:

We are serious about keeping you connected with your family and friends. Every day send your loved ones inspiring greetings. so they can start there day with motivation. You can send greetings to your friends and family just by installing our TouchIndia app. And guess what? You can even share and earn money. When your loved one clicks on the greetings shared by you, you will receive 10 TiCash points to your wallet. you can share online Diwali greetings, new year greetings, republic day greetings, Gandhi Jayanti wishes and all inspirational and motivational greetings and earn money daily


Steps to send greetings:

  1. Install theTouchIndia App
  2. Click on the Greetings icon.
  3. Select your required category.
  4. Pick any of the greetings from the list and click on that Greeting to see the full view of Greeting.
  5. Click on the Share icon and share TouchInida Greetings with your friends.
  6. Get some TiCash points into your wallet when your friends click on that Greeting link.
  7. To check your TiCash points. Click on Menu, select TiCash history.
  8. There you can check your TiCash and TiCash points.
  9. Share app with your friends and family members.

Cricket & Sport News

You can receive sports news update through our app. you can read recent sports news just in few clicks.

Follow the below steps to access sports news through TouchIndia App:

  1. click on Cricket&Sport News Icon from Home page.
  2. after that click on Sports News tab to read about latest News
  3. you can earn free money by playing Quiz on sports.
  4. You will get some Ti cash and Ti cash points for every correct answer
  5. You can utilize this money for Recharge and Shopping on our website.

Live cricket score

We understand your problem. During cricket Season We know that you will not have TV Remote Access Everyday at home:P that is why we have come up with a cricket live score Feature in our TouchIndia App.follow the steps below to check live cricket match score with single Tap.

  1. click on Cricket&Sport News Icon from Home page.
  2. after that click on the Cricket Live Score tab to read about the latest news.
  3. click on the refresh button check live score.