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Review : Anushka


Arjun and Amrutha are a newly married couple who are on their way to a guest house to spend their first night together. Their happiness is short-lived as the couple experiences several scary incidents when they are on their way to the guest house. Their nightmare continues when they reach the guest house as it happens to be terribly haunted with spirits. The spirits of the guest house are angry and unfortunately, their wrath opens on Arjun and Amrutha. Amidst all this Amrutha dies and then a new plot unfolds in the movie. Who are the spirits and why were they after Arjun and Amrutha? What happens to Arjun after Amrutha dies?

Plus Points

The plot is thrilling and there are enough twists in the story to keep the audience on the edge of their seat. Amrutha’s role is superb.

Minus Points

Several comedy scenes are forced which don’t fit in with the genre. The movie is pretty long and with some crisp editing, the movie could have been made more interesting. There are songs which seem out of place.

Technical Aspects

Anushka has been directed by Devraj Kumar. The producer of the movie is S K Gangadhar(Raju). The music for the movie has been given by Vikram Selva.


The filmmaker has definitely used the right ingredients to make a horror/thriller. There are ample chills and scares that you will get throughout the movie. The twists in the plot are good. It is an engaging movie with teeny weeny flaws here and there. Probably a one-time-watch because of its genre – but definitely an interesting one!

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  • Director:

    Devraj Kumar

  • Producer:

    S K Gangadhar(Raju)

  • Music Director:

    Vikram Selva

  • Starring:

    Amrutha, Sadhu Kokila, Adi Lokesh and Rupesh Shetty

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