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Review : Loafers


The story of the movie revolves around seven friends who lead comfortable lives. All of them earn money through illegal means. They have a very strong bond with each other and have each other’s back when needed. One day when they are drunk, they decide to go out on a long drive. Their vehicle suddenly breaks down and the friends look around for shelter. They find a house where they decide to spend the night. However, there is something mysterious about the house. Each one has weird supernatural experiences. What is the story behind this haunted house? Is it somehow related to friends? Will they be able to unfold the mysteries behind this house and what is happening with them? Go ahead and watch this romantic horror to unravel this secret.

Plus Points

There are many twists in the plot which keeps the audience engaged. The movie also has several new faces that have done a good job with their acting skills.

Minus Points

The movie gets predictable towards the end. The background score is unimpressive.

Technical Aspects

Loafers has been directed by S Mohan. The producer of the movie is B N Gangadhar. The music for the movie has been given by Dinesh Kumar.


Loafers is just about a one-time watch – an average movie. If you are someone who is a fan of supernatural movies or horror, then you can go ahead and watch this movie. There is nothing special that makes this movie stand out from the other Sandalwood horrors that are lately being released.

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  • Director:

    S Mohan

  • Producer:

    B N Gangadhar

  • Music Director:

    Dinesh Kumar

  • Starring:

    Kempe Gowda, Sakshi Meghana, Sushma Raj, Chethan Surya, Vihana Tej, Manohar J

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