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Review : Nuvu Thopu Raa


The movie is about Suri played by Sudhakar Komakula who falls in love with Ramya played by Nithya Shetty. The two start dating but soon break-up because of some reason. Ramya moves to the United States leaving back Suri alone in Saroornagar. Suri is unemployed and has several problems to deal with, but suddenly he lands with an opportunity to go to the US. He takes the break and goes there. The movie then moves ahead with how he makes his way in the US by taking help from others and also looks for his love Ramya. Will he become successful in his life and will he find his lost love in the US is what forms the crux of this movie.

Plus Points

The cast is superb but their talents are unexplored. They are capable of doing much more than what the filmmaker assigned. Sudhakar is wonderful.

Minus Points

Several scenes seem as if they are simply fillers in the movie. The narrative is shaky and the movie is too long.

Technical Aspects

Nuvu Thopu Raa has been directed by Harinath Babu B. The producer of the movie is Srikanth Daduvai. The music for the movie has been given by Suresh Bobbili.


The climax simply seems to have been hurried. With better execution and editing the movie would have been much better than what it is now. You will find the story going haywire and in fact, certain parts will seem quite impossible in actual life. It is just an average movie which lacks several points that a good commercial movie has.

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  • Director:

    Harinath Babu B

  • Producer:

    Srikanth Daduvai

  • Music Director:

    Suresh Bobbili

  • Starring:

    Sudhakar Komakula, Nithya Shetty, Nirosha, Mahesh Vitta, Rocking Rakesh and Ravi Varma

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