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Review : One day: Justice delivered


This story is definitely a race against the time, this deals with a thriller as a genre. This is a story of a former judge who is now striving to give judgment for the ones he had left due to lack of evidence when he was serving the purpose. Tyagi (Anupam Kher) who was the judge back then in his years was honest with his work, but he had to let go many goons even though he knew they were the culprits but due to lack of evidence he had to serve the right to the law. Now that he is retired he takes up law in his hand and is in full action to punish the culprits whom he had not sentenced in front of the court. There are basically two stories happening around, one which includes Anupam Kher and the other includes Esha Gupta who is a crime branch special officer, is determined to solve many high profile missing cases. Overall in this movie, Esha Gupta has out rated her own movie, she has done amazingly well as a tough cop. The first half of the movie is not at all convincing but it takes up the speed in the second half and she outshines in this movie. Songs in this movie cannot be remembered as there are no songs matching the storyline but the title track is better compared to other songs in the movie, this song is sung by the veteran singer of times Usha Uthup.

Plus Points

Esha Gupta has outshined in this movie with her intense look and amazing acting skills.

Minus Points

The major drawback in this movie is the music, it's not at all required. The songs are definitely to be forgotten.

Technical Aspects

This movie is directed by Ashok Nanda and the music directors are, Joy-Anjan, Rishi Singh, and Vikranth.


Overall a good movie, but it could have been better. The first half should have been made more interesting so as in it could have driven the attention of the audience. 

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  • Director:

    Ashok Nanda

  • Producer:

    Kamlesh Singh

  • Music Director:

    Joy-Anjan, Rishi Singh, and Vikranth.

  • Starring:

    Anupam Kher, Esha Gupta

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