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Review : Ratnamanjarii


Siddhanth played by Raj Charan is a botanist and has a very sharp photographic memory. He stays in USA with his wife. An elderly couple who are from Coorg are neighbours to the couple and are quite fond of each other. One day the couple are murdered, Siddhanth is sad and angry. He wants to find out the truth behind the murder and possibly find the one who is responsible for the death of the elderly couple of whom he was so fond of. His memory finds connection of the murder in Coorg from where the couple belonged and then Siddhanth along with his wife go to Coorg to unravel the mystery of this murder. 

Plus Points

The cinematography is top class. The beauty of Coorg has been captured perfectly and the cultural elements added in some places make the movie watchable. 

Minus Points

The narrative is too long at certain places which definitely feel out of place in a murder mystery. The background score would have been enjoyable  had it been a bit softer.

Technical Aspects

Ratnamanjarii has been directed by Prasiddh. The producers of the movie are Nataraj Halebeedu USA and S Sandeep Kumar. The music for the movie has been given by Harsha Vardhan Raj


The movie is visually stunning and manages to instil fear in the hearts of audience. The mystery is good but the climax is too predictable. There are several loop holes in the movie with some more modifications and polishing the movie could have fared better. Mystery and thriller lovers will surely enjoy the movie.

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  • Producer:

    Nataraj Halebeedu USA and S Sandeep Kumar

  • Music Director:

    Harsha Vardhan Raj

  • Starring:

    Raj Charan, Akhila Prathe kash, Pallavi Raju, Shraddha Salian, Jai Mohan and Raju Vaividya

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