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Review : Review of Kanchana 3


Kaali played by Raghava Lawrence along with his girlfriend Lucy takes care of physically challenged and poor kids in a home which is run by them. Politicians try to corrupt the mind of Kaali with money to which he refuses and he along with his girlfriend is murdered by them. The movie then shows Raghava also played Lawrence who is a scaredy cat and very afraid of ghosts. He lands up in this mansion which is haunted by ghosts and is possessed by them. These ghosts are that of Kaali and his girlfriend who are looking to take revenge on their murderers. They possess the body of Raghava and begin their vengeance on the corrupt politicians.

Plus Points

The cinematography is good. There are some good spooky scenes and the background score is nice too. Raghava Lawrence’s performance as Kaali and Raghava is praiseworthy. When he changes from the timid Raghava to Kaali, his expressions are commendable.

Minus Points

The flashback could have been shortened. Except for Raghava none of the actors seem to actually give a good performance here. The story just rushes to take you to the end which is rather irksome.

Technical Aspects

Kanchana 3 has been directed by Raghava Lawrence. The producers of the movie are Kalanidhi Maran and Raghava Lawrence. The music for the movie has been given by Songs - Raj, Kapil, Jessie, Bharath Madhusudhanan, SaiBharath, Saravedi Saran and Score – S. Thaman.


I think we are all done with the Muni installments here! However, Raghava already seems to have announced a 5th installment which is disturbing – especially after seeing Kanchana 3. The role of three girls Vedhika, Oviya and Nikki Tamboli seem to be barely for exposure – talent wasted. The comedy at times is loud and doesn’t actually make you laugh. But the comedy in earlier movies of Muni series was quite good. Raghava and Muni fans go ahead and watch it – for the effort that Raghava has put in for his fans. 

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  • Director:

    Raghava Lawrence

  • Producer:

    Kalanidhi Maran and Raghava Lawrence

  • Music Director:

    Songs - Raj, Kapil, Jessie, Bharath Madhusudhanan,

  • Starring:

    Raghava Lawrence, Oviya, Vedhika, Nikki Tamboli, Kabir Duhan Singh, Kovai Sarala, Soori, Anupama Kumar, Sriman, Devadarshini and Aathma Patrick

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