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Review : Soojidaara


The movie revolves around the lives of 3 individuals, all of who have a different tale to tell. The movie is set in Chitradurga and it is here that their stories are unraveled. A man is on the run and hides in one of the housing colonies located in Chitraguda. He has a past from which he is hiding. Already living in the same colony is a flower seller who aspires to become a famous actress. Another story is about the life of a woman who is caught in an abusive relationship. The lives of these three entwine which leads to surprising revelations about them and how each one them finds a purpose in their lives. 

Plus Points

The cast of the movie is perfect. The story of each protagonist is interesting.

Minus Points

The movie was finished hurriedly.

Technical Aspects

Soojidara has been directed by Mounesh Badigar. The producers of the movie are Sachindran Athnayak and Abhijith Kotegar. The music for the movie has been given by Arjun Janya(Music) and S Pradeep Varma(background score).


Soojidaara is an interesting movie which has mystery and thrill. The audience looks forward to the climax and what will become of the protagonist's lives. The movie sort of interprets Ramayana but the filmmaker couldn’t justify it properly. Had the story been told in a better and controlled way, Soojidara would have performed even better. Overall the movie is good you can go ahead and watch it with your family this weekend and enjoy the thrill in this movie.

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  • Release date:


  • TouchIndia.COM Rating:


  • Director:

    Mounesh Badigar

  • Producer:

    Sachindran Athnayak and Abhijith Kotegar

  • Music Director:

    Arjun Janya(Music) and S Pradeep Varma(background

  • Starring:

    Hariprriya, Yashwanth Shetty, Suchendra Prasad, Achuth Kumar, Shreya Anchana and Shivananda Sindagi

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