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Review : Traya


The movie is about three rich friends who find the dead body of a girl when they wake up in their house after a drunken night. The movie then takes the audience in a flashback where they are shown how the boys came to be trapped in a weird situation. The story goes back to 15 days before the incident took place. The audience is shown the rich lives of the three boys and ultimately how they ended up together bring drunk. When they find the corpse, they are distressed and tensed – panicking to get out of the situation and trying to understand how the dead body of a girl was found in their home. 

Plus Points

The story of the movie is quite interesting. The flashback is good as it sets the environment for the mystery kill to take place. Even the second half which shows the unfolding of the mystery murder is good.

Minus Points

The punch that the audience looks forward to in a mystery murder is missing in the climax. The movie is quite long and could have easily been cut short whilst still retaining its twists and surprises.

Technical Aspects

Traya has been directed by Krishna Sai. The producers of the movie are Kaushal Mahajan and Raj Anand. The music for the movie has been given by Yathish Mahadev.


The movie has several interesting twists in the end which keep you drawn to the screen. However, a better narrative and some editing would have gained more points for Traya. It is a decent one-time watch especially for those that interested in movies with a mystery genre.

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  • Director:

    Krishna Sai

  • Producer:

    Kaushal Mahajan and Raj Anand

  • Music Director:

    Yathish Mahadev

  • Starring:

    Samyukta Hornad, Amogha Rahul, Krishna Hebbale, Tennis Krishna, Rajani Bharadwaj, Madan, Shankar, Vijay Chendur, Neethu Bala and Mandeep Rai

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