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Review : Article 15


According to the Indian constitution Article 15 depicts as, it is against discrimination of Indians on the basis of religion, race, caste, sex and the place of birth. This movie starring Aayushman Khurana as an IPS officer named Ayan Ranjan who has been recently given in charge of Lalgaon police station, now that he has already taken charge, he finds out that everything is not correct in that place, he finds it strange dealing with people around as everyone is bound to this discrimination and caste system. This movie basically deals with the message to be given to our society, especially a strong message against this discrimination and caste. Can the caste system end up killing someone else? Yes indeed, the upper caste people think they are next to god and they harass others may it be physically or mentally. They are just tortured to heights let them die. Seriously can caste be so important in this era as well? This has a storyline which has been taken from the year 2014 when the whole nation was just stunned when two girls were found dead hanging on a tree and the other sister was still missing. The three girls belonging to Dalit caste had asked a for three rupees as a loan and they had committed a mistake, just to make sure and show to the world that upper caste people can rule anyone, those three girls were abducted and gang-raped and two of the three girls were hanged to the tree.
 Aayushman thinks there is a foul play in this case and tries to get deeper and deeper to his surprise he is being pressurized to close the case at the earliest, but his intention to expose the truth is just amazing. Dr.B.R. Ambedkar said that Firstly and Lastly be an Indian, this movie is completely into that and it shows that we really need to eradicate caste system from our country.   

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