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Review : Gold or Water?


If this question is put up to you what would you choose? Water or Gold. Yes, as the gold price is shooting up faster than that of an ISRO rocket we would possibly think of choosing gold as water is available everywhere. But now there is a mirror world in few parts of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is fighting one of its deadliest water scarcity over a past decade. Water, water everywhere but not a single drop to drink, this is a poem that we used to recite in schools, but the scenario in Chennai is completely different, people are striving hard just for a bottle of water. Offices and restaurants are being shut as they are not able to afford water. Isn’t it scary to not have water for our daily purposes? In Chennai, they are able to afford gold but not water. Water price is shooting above the galaxy. But that’s the truth, Chennai has become the first place to have water drained out in India. Maharashtra is in the urge of water depletion, they have been taking necessary actions just to ensure that everything is sorted. They have decided to arrest people who are into misusing of water. Just imagine how things are getting worse day by day and the reason is water. Monsoon has also been delayed this year, and that’s the main reason for the problem that has been caused.

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