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Review : Article on RRR title


The Baahubali creator S.S.Rajamouli announced the movie RRR. Is going to be a multi starrer movie with Mega Power Star Ram Charan and Young Tiger Jr NTR in the lead roles. The film is a hot topic in Telugu. NTR, Ram Charan and Rajamouli took the 'R' character and put the working title 'RRR.'  Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn will be making their Tollywood debut with this film. While we wait to know more about the film, the makers of the film have got an interesting twist to the film’s title. However, director Rajamouli said in an earlier press release that this was the original title. It would expand as a sub-title in each language.RRR wants to refer to the movie subtitles movie unit has also asked audiences from the official Twitter account of the movie. So many people have suggested titles. Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, etc. All the languages ??have titled on Twitter. Recently the film unit has responded to this. Take some titles and make them an image and put it on Twitter. Many RRR Extended titles have sent to all languages. Many people have come up with the title. Some of them are powerful. Some are strong. Some are thoughtful. Some of them have enjoyed us!  Who knows, your title may be the original title of the RRR!
Some of the exciting titles are:
1.Raghupati Raghav Rajaram
2. Rama Ravana Ranarangam
3. Rajyam Ranam Raktham
4. Ramudu Rudrudu Ranarangam
5 Rama Rajya Rakshakulu
6. Rosham Roudram Rajasam
7. Ranam Roudram Rajasam
8. Rana Rama Raju
9 Rajyam korani Rajula Ranagaadha
10.Ramabhima Ranarangam

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