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Why Indian Fans Overflowed the UK Stadiums?


Remember Michael Vaughan’s tweet on June 9 when the Aussies played against team India?

"So far, I have seen 33 Aussie supporters in the ground at the Oval and that includes the team and support staff."

Although it was a pert gibe at the Australians, it did somehow reveal how overpowered the cricket stadiums were whenever India was playing. Fans of teams playing against India were hardly visible. It was as if India was playing in their home grounds.
Indians are truly ardent fans of cricket and when the World Cup was held in England it did not stop them from supporting their fans from flying to UK to support the Men in Blue.

While passion for cricket is something that is unquestionably present in the fans the next pointer for Indian fans to flood the stadiums is their buying potential. Indian fans were able to buy tickets at premium rates that were several more times higher than its actual price.
Indian fans flew from Canada, India and several other countries to watch their nation play. Not to forget the Indians who were staying in UK. Not long back it was only the British Indian citizens that bought the tickets for a match but now Indians from all over the world including India, willingly huge amounts of money to see a live watch. If they don’t get their tickets officially turn to other sources that arrange the tickets for them.

A £70 ticket was sold for as high as £1500. The ticket goes through unofficial resale agents who charge excessively because they know the fans will pay any amount just to have a glimpse of their team.

Inflated rates don’t bother them; they just want to watch India play and cheer for their team.

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